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Coax (.pdf)
Coaxial Cables
& Loopback Tools

Fiber Optic Cords
& Accessories

Frame Cords (.pdf)
Heat Coil Access Cords & Froggers

Quick Disconnect,
Hardwire & Weatherproof

Patch Cords (.pdf)
Dual Bantam, 327,
Looping Cords
for DSX Patch Panels


DB9M/RS232 to USB Adapter Cable

# 400720USB (.pdf)
DB9M/RS232 to USB Adapter Cable

AT&T PID # ATT.100000993
Need Access to a Serial Port on your Laptop?
TAG's Adapter Cable will convert your Laptop's USB Port into a Serial Port!

USB-C to DB9 Pin (male), (3')

# 400721USBC (.pdf)
USB-C to DB9 Pin (male)


AT&T PID # ATT.200009155

# 400720 (.pdf)
DB9 Pin (male) to DB9 Pin (female), (6')

ATTSE # ATT.100000571

ATT 12 STATE # ATT.100041957

Commonly used from Laptop to test at Pair Gain (HDSL)
Wired straight

CAT 5 Cables

CAT 5 CABLES (RJ45 to RJ45) (.pdf)
( @ various lengths - SEE PDF for PID/OINs )

# 400253JSA (.pdf)
xDSL Test Set Multi-Cord, (10')

AT&T PID # ATT.100050939

The TAG # 400253JSA test cord is commonly used with the JDSU Smart Class* xDSL or the Spirent Tech-X-Flex** DSL test set.

* JDSU Smart Class is a registered Trademark.
** Spirent Tech-X-Flex is a registered Trademark.

"Frogger" Protector Test Cords
" Green Coil Cord "

# 400300FP (.pdf)
"Frogger" Protector Test Cord

AT&T PID # ATT.100111566

Insert "Good" (green) plug into known good line.
2. Insert "Bad" (red) plug into bad line for temporary restoration.

D4 Monitor Cord

# 400480MHS (.pdf)
D4 Monitor Cord, (5')

AT&T PID # ATT.100090489

TAG's D4 Monitor Cord (# 400480MHS) is used to access dial tone from FXS and FXO cards. The D4 Monitor Cord directional switch enables dial tone to be pulled from the far end when plugged into the FXS card or near end (SMAS/Frame) when plugged into the FXO card.

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